"In transit? Enjoy the ride!"

We change our entire lives. It’s the nature of things. For organisations which don’t want to hang on to what they know and how it always was at all costs. Because they know that the future is different to the past. And so they need to do something different than they used to. And that a ‘first step’, however small it may be, is necessary. Time after time…

With transition it’s about the art of letting go of that which has come to obstruct the natural change. So that the system can continue on its natural path.

This asks the capacity to look differently – at the bigger whole, under the surface – and to intervene on different levels of consciousness. To not only focus yourself on the overcurrent (procedures/ processes/ functions), but also on the undercurrent of the change. On that subconscious, impactful dynamic and patterns which every organisation (and every living system) has in it. AKA “there will be drama anyway”.

It’s about finding the right wave and ‘surfing’ along on that which has already set itself into motion in the undercurrent. And often blockades will have to be removed sooner, than that new ideas have to be implemented with force.

Raaf en Koekoek guides and advises programmanagers, (leadership)teams, change officers in the transition process. This can consist of work sessions, courses, organisation scans/assessments, inspiration sessions, etc.

These are tailored programs which we develop with the customer. Parts of the program are for example:

  1. self-guidance and ownership
  2. Change from the underflow
  3. The art of a professional dialogue
  4. The art of letting go
  5. Leading around paradoxes (for example: making use of potential asks for increasing of differences instead of diminishing them)