"Team me up"

A tailored program for teams:

  • On their way to self-managing collaboration, searching for the “good conversation”, want to learn to take the best decision, want to work with the potential of friction, resistance, or conflict
  • Strengthening the cooperation by working on it together

Successful teams are more than the summation of the good imperfect people, the right structure, budgets and KPI’s. Teams are lively communities in which people act out of ancient group logics, in which there is a need for security, trust, connection, power, cooperation, and leadership. When you understand these regulations you can contribute to the building of a strong team. Teams with good mutual relations, a clear focus, where you work with joy, and which have an impact on the result.

In this program we will work on: knowing who you are; expanding your role-flexibility; developing capacity to – beyond the contradictions – see the new potential; decision-making, without compromising, together with dialogue techniques to reach the best decision.

Working with Flow

Dear stress, let's break up

Everyone has felt it at some point…flow! An exeptionally productive, energy giving and blissful state for a (working) person. As an organisation it isn’t easy to provide your employees with an environment in which this flow can emerge. In the end it’s about learning to look from a different angle through wich new opportunities come into view.

Together with the customer we design custom fit modules aimed on (re)discovering flow. Examples of modules are:

  1. Connecting with your own sources, incentives and convictions.
  2. Connecting with the WHY of the organisation: does the reason to exist still have right to exist?
  3. Looking differently: paterns and blockades, releasing energy and looking from the collective’s perspective.
  4. Perspective and manifestation: gains and losses of the change, learning to let go and entrepreneurship towards the future.