"Rise and shine!"

In the light of the “perfect world” we have created performance anxiety, work pressure, participation pressure, and – lest we forget – happiness pressure. Sadly, the perfect world doesn’t exist. In many board groups the ‘strike threat’ is growing; the body has already been on strike longer in the shape of amongst others ‘burn-out’, at a constantly younger age. How do you maintain the nuance and reflection in a world full of excellence commitment and pressure? When is it good enough? When are you doing good enough? How do you ensure resilience in body, life and career?

In this training of Raaf en Koekoek you learn to grow your own resilience, and you learn how you can keep yourself ‘healthy’. Preventive. Where work contributes to a good life. A life in which fortune and bad luck, success and failure, together and alone, prosperity and adversity can go together.

Individual modules

Personal Coaching

“I have a disagreement with my manager. He understands me but I don’t understand him”.

“I have tried all sorts of things, but something really has to change in my work/private balance”.

“I have the feeling that I’m not seen for what I can do and this frustrates me and is not the first time”. Just a bunch of questions which can prompt a coachings trajectory.

Coaching at Raaf en Koekoek means that you will discover different information sources for yourself, different ways of seeing things, which give you the opportunity to ‘solve’ your own question. We work with the ‘subconscious’, look at your patterns and patterns of the system in which you are located.

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Career guidance

In this guidance of Raaf en Koekoek we help you discover what important values are for you in work, what your qualities and development opportunities are and how you translate these insights to career wishes and the realisation of those.

What does work mean for me? Why do I work with this organisation? Do I really do what I always wanted and would this even be possible? How do I realize my ambitions and what would and wouldn’t I give for this? Do I know my qualities and how can I develop myself further? Just a bunch of questions you ask yourself at some point during your career.

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