"Lead me on!"

A tailored program for and about inclusive leadership

A program in which leaders learn to create an environment in which they together with co-workers enable everyone’s potential for the organisation.

To create safety and trust, not by talking about it but by doing it. At the same time giving space and direction. Together ensuring that clear decisions are taken. With inclusion and in connection with the group.

Parts of this program are for example:

  1. Your personal (leadership)biography; who do you follow? Are you being followed? Why do people follow you?
  2. Connecting with the WHY of the organisation
  3. Inclusif leadership; working with the potential of differences

“Talk with me”

We live between two eras. That of the industrial revolution, with tasks which are translated to time-, test-, and other measure units, and that of the information era, in which non-linearity, crosspollination and cooperation set the tone. In this new era the individual, by itself, has barely any impact. But all too often we are judged and dealt with as an individual!

In our view about time to retire the old “judge and develop” and to employ “recognition and appreciation”. From the hierarchical conversations to equal dialogues. Dialogues in which you listen to the potential which wants to develop itself. Dialogues in which ‘saying goodbye’ liberates instead of obstructs. In which you together make incorporeal and invisible thoughts manageable and negotiable. Dialogues in which understanding and being understood go hand in hand.

Parts of this tailored program are for example:

  1. Dialogue techinques; really listening, delaying judgement and working with contradictions, understanding and being understood
  2. Sabotage and resistance; a treasure of information