The Why of

Raaf en Koekoek

Raaf en Koekoek was founded to bring more soul into business by creating awareness for (the power of consciously) connecting head with heart. Work as an energy source for healthy and meaningful communities. That is the inviting perspective of Raaf en Koekoek.

Raaf en Koekoek works from the conviction that everything is connected.

Organisations are lively communities in which people act from age old survival logic. Every choice and every action has consequences for the greater whole. The market, civilians, organisation, people, products and services: everything moves within an inextricable context. Everything moves… actually by itself, as in nature. A healthy system develops itself on its own, or adapts to survive and continue.

Raaf en Koekoek guides people in finding and taking the place which suits them and makes them happy. A place which grants recognition, appreciation, and purpose. Individually and within the greater whole.

We are here to teach individuals, teams, and organisations how to learn from their patterns, from the conviction that in those patterns – which they often refer to as problems – hides an incredible potential: the regenerative capacity of organisms is phenomenal!

Basically we are there, where individuals, teams, and organisations want to get to know themselves and from here to deal with the reality of everyday more vigorously, self-aware and effectively.

How do we work?

Our main sources of inspiration are the Systemic Work, Deep Democracy and the philosophy of Carl Jung. Not only the theory and techniques of those sources but also mostly the role that the body-consciousness plays. We see organisations as living organisms. Each with their own patterns and dynamic. Especially that which is invisible, forms the being of the unique system.

We invite people to let their voice be heard and to show themselves the way they are. So that we can utilise all that wisdom, all those backgrounds, all the differences, all the knowledge as good as possible. Because then we can start to do beautiful things together, go beyond setbacks and conflict, then everyone feels valuable and acknowledged and maintainable results are obtained.

We do this by researching conflicts and clashing opinions in a respectful way without judging. We do this by zooming out, seeing the bigger whole. We also do this by not making it personal and valuing people for the role which they, on behalf of many others, play in the whole picture. What we need are brave organisations and people, because our way of working can where necessary be confronting. Moreover this asks the courage to endure, because good things don’t come by themselves.

Who are Raaf en Koekoek

We are pleased to explain

The year 2014, in which the Raven for the first time since 1870 hatched an egg in the Netherlands, Karen Bijland and Ria Allewijn founded Raaf en Koekoek.

We are convinced that everything is connected with each other and on the move. Growth as a result of nteraction, sharing, exchange and unification. Everything moves in interacting motions and interlocked systems.

Every decision, every choice, every action has consequences for the dynamics of the bigger group. The system. Realisation of the system, and the roll which everyone plays in it, is the core of our programs.


Which Birds Do We Have On Board?

A small intorduction

Karen is an enthusiastic trainer and a coach who, fully in service of what is needed for man and team, does what needs to be done. Sometimes by taking position opposite or behind you. She has the courage to bring the shadow into view, out of genuine involvement and trust. A selfless person who gives without claim, out of the desire to see people happy. People keep returning to her after years because they are ready to overcome something new and feel the security and challenge needed with her. Her way of working is no nonsense, realistic, challenging and all the while intuitive and sensitive. Karen is available as coach, trainer, assessor, process leader, advisor, sparring partner, and inspirer.

Ria is an experienced coach and trainer who earned her share in the field of organisation change and people development in big organisations. Within Raaf&Koekoek she guides organisations in culture and change, whereby she especially pays attention to the patterns which define the organisation. Through her way of questioning she makes deeper mechanisms acceptable for conversation and manageable, as to make sure the change really sticks and pulls through. Moreover, she guides groups and individuals to growth, professionality, and personal development. She combines her sharp observations with humour, self-mockery, and loving intentions: after all we are all students of life itself. Ria is available as coach, trainer, advisor, process supervisor, sparring partner.

Henry is an inspiring interim-manager and process leader who directs attention to flow which is being blocked. Which function does the blockade have and does it still have importance? This goes for the individual, the team, and the organisation level. The result of this is that people feel more noticed and involved, teams work together more fluently, and the organisation has more connection with origin and future. As company economist from Rotterdam he combines no nonsense knowledge and insight with sensitivity and patience. In doing so he lovingly touches a raw nerve. He has a disarming, unique view on matters, which both inspires and drives. His interventions sometimes are daring and unconventional, but always sharp and careful. Henry is available as interim-manager, advisor, coach, process leader, and sparring partner.

Ton is man, father, husband, and a searching person. He has a deep passion for mankind. Man as a person, which is searching between wishes and reality. From his education as coach and analytic therapist, he gives both shape to his part-time management function as to his own coaching/therapy practice. In guidance he seeks the deeper track. Working on the borderline between coaching and therapy. He researches where the blockades and barriers are. He walks this path with the coachee/client. This journey is intense, full of trust so that everything can and may be said. Ton is within Raaf&Koekoek available as coach, therapist, and sparring partner.

The Raven

In nearly all cultures the raven takes up an important spot, also because of its incarnation of the eternal contrast of good versus evil.

A colourful bird for those who look with attention. Playful, smart and caring. A mythologically meaningful bird. Messenger to the old Germans and our medieval ancestors. To the ancient Greek, Romans and in Chinese mythology he is connected as a messenger to the sun. The jews and christians see the Raven as archetype of the evil that connects people. Sin.

The Raven is also seen as the individual, restless roamer, seeker, seer. The bird which guides and protects monks and hermits.

The Raven belongs with us because good and evil are both parts of the same principle.  It’s about what’s behind and beyond. Seeking that genuine message, seeing it, and continuing with insight.

The Cuckoo

Lays her most valuable possession in the nest of another bird, trusting that her egg is hatched and raised with love. In fairy tales and myths the bird which announces change and letting go.

There is no bird which plays as big a role in fairy tales, folktales and faith as the cuckoo. He is portrayed as a welcome spring omen, as announcer of happiness and marital bliss, as fortune teller,  a wag, jokester, but also as vain fool, adulterer, and rest breaker. But most of all he was consulted as an oracle.

The cuckoo suits us as our oracle which announces not to take life too seriously, but to see things with humour and lightness. Keeping a healthy sense of humour for most experiences allows you to be lighter of mind, smile unashamedly, and value life more. Turn that frown upside down by doing what makes you smile openly!


 if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

(Wayne dyer)